Gambling is big business and players love nothing more than winning! Over the years a number of betting systems have been dreamed up offering players the chance to beat the odds and come out on top. As is the nature of gambling, none of these systems can guarantee a win every time, especially if you are unlucky enough to hit a losing streak, remember the odds are always in the House favour. Used sensibly with a clear and level head they can however add some structure and pattern to a gaming session and, hopefully, you will come out ahead although knowing when to quit is just as important.

One such system is The Paroli betting system, a gamblers favourite that is almost the exact opposite of the Martingale Strategy, so much so that it is often referred to as the Reverse Martingale System or Anti-Martingale.

The origins of the Paroli betting system

Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal (1623 – 1662)

The origins of system are unclear with several established theories; the most popular of these is the belief that the inventor of roulette, Frenchman Blaise Pascal, also created the Paroli, which itself is also a French word, making the system as old as the game of roulette itself.

There is also a case to go back even further to the 16th Century when the system was used in Basset, an Italian card game with the name Paroli originally derived from the Latin word par, meaning to equal or match.

How to apply the Paroli betting system

The Paroli betting system can be used for a number of casino games that involve an element of chance, this includes roulette, craps, baccarat, sic bo and pai gow poker.

Applying the betting systems to any of these games is an easy process that takes a few simple steps:

1. Choose a base stake unit
As with other betting systems such as the Fibonacci and Labouchere, the Paroli requires the player to choose a minimal unit to wager. This base unit needs to take into account overall budget and should be set accordingly in order to cover any losses.

2. Double up a win
If you are lucky enough to win, the next wager should be double this, so if you place a first bet of £10 (base unit) and win the next wager should be £20, if you win again then bet £40.

3. Stop after three straight wins
If luck is on your side and you win three times in a row, the next bet should be your base unit again, in this example, £10 and start the process over.

4. What to do if you lose
If on any of the wagers you lose then the next bet should be your base unit again, regardless of whether you are on your first, second or third consecutive bet.

An example of the Paroli betting system in play

Using roulette as our game and staking on the outside bets with a base unit of £10 and ten spins a typical game may play out the following way:

1. Spin 1 – £10 Win
2. Spin 2 – £20 Lose
3. Spin 3 – £10 Lose
4. Spin 4 – £10 Win
5. Spin 5 – £20 Win
6. Spin 6 – £40 Win
7. Spin 7 – £10 Win
8. Spin 8 – £20 Win
9. Spin 9 – £40 Lose
10. Spin 10 – £10 Win

Win/Loss total: +£50

The advantages of the Paroli betting system

1. Simple to implement
The Paroli betting system is very easy to pick up and apply to most 50/50 chance wagering games, it does not require any complicated calculations or multiple outcome bets.

2. Can be used with a small budget
As long as a player sets a realistic base unit to wager, it does require a huge budget to implement and play through as most wagers will be making use of the previous stakes winnings. This means a profit can be made off a relatively small budget.

3. Good returns on hot streaks
If you are lucky enough to hit a hot streak then the Paroli betting system takes full advantage of this and will lead to a decent return, baring in mind no previous wager influences the outcome of any further wager.

4. Win small amounts consistently
The Paroli has the potential to generate a consistent flow of small wins, provided you stick to the system and do not over reach your budget.

5. No doubling up required
Unlike other betting systems such as the Martingale Strategy the risk is far lower as it does not chase losses with no doubling up required.

6. Lower risk
With the Paroli betting system if you lose you only lose your initial base unit stake, this lowers the risk of depleting any bankroll, of course no betting system can cover for a losing streak but the chances of this wiping you out are much lower than other betting systems.

The disadvantages of the Paroli betting system

1. Potentially miss out on huge returns
Sticking to the system could mean missing out on huge returns should you be lucky enough to hit a hot winning streak as the maximum number of bets is just three before returning to the base unit.

2. Not guaranteed to win
Like any betting system, the Paroli cannot guarantee any return with the odds always in the house favour. However, it does offer a structure to any gaming session that can help with overall budget management.

3. Quickly deplete a budget
If you are unlucky enough to keep losing you first and/or second bet this could to a rapid budget loss as the system requires a modicum of luck to keep building winnings.

The Paroli betting system verdict

Whilst no betting system can guarantee that a player will come out on top, the Paroli is one of the lowest risk systems in common use today. Ideally suited to casino games that have 50/50 bets (in reality it is never exactly 50/50 with the odds always being slightly in the House favour) and for those who prefer a structured approached to their wagering, the Paroli betting system offers a relatively structured option that may result in a series of small wins.


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