The Martingale Roulette Strategy is a widely used system usually preferred by novice players although more experienced roulette players have also been known to employ this strategy. Unlike other roulette strategies that require comprehension of mathematics and skill, the Martingale strategy is relatively easy to implement requiring little or no mathematical ability and utilising a simple concept. However, as with other strategies it is not without it risks and this is the main reason why very few more experienced players will actually use it.

The vast majority of players, especially novices use the Martingale Roulette Strategy mostly on outside bets or the occasional chance bet, whereby doubling up previous bets after each loss until a win. This strategy can increase a players chance of winning over the short-term by betting big to win small.

How the Martingale Roulette Strategy works

The Martingale Roulette Strategy is a doubling up strategy whereby a players places chips on the outside bets. It requires a considerable amount of money to work as it involves placing a bet on the even chance bets which includes the Manque (1-18), Passe (19-36), odd, black, red, even, and for every spin lost, the last bet is doubled until a win comes in, which then covers all loses after which the whole process can be started again.

As an example, placing a minimum table bet to reduce the risk, this may vary depending on the casino, which for this example is £5. So, a player places an initial £5 outside table bet and loses, this best will then have to doubled to £10 on the next spin. If they lose the bet again, they will have to double it to £20 on the next spin, £40 on the one after and so on. However, if they win on any of the spins, then the next bet will go back to the original bet which was £5 and they can start over again.

This strategy is designed to give a player the ability to make small gains with a minimal risk of losing all their money or bankroll. This is because for every loss they make, they double up the amount and when (if) they finally win, they will recover all previous bet and receive the original £5 as profit. It is basically a strategy for those players who want to place big bets albeit with smaller returns. The Martingale Roulette Strategy is ideal for players who are risk takers, willing to lose a large amount of money in exchange for multiple small wins.

Although roulette is random, there is an argument that it is not possible to lose multiple times in a row, however, if luck is not on your side, there is risk of blowing your entire budget by continually doubling up. One thing about the Martingale betting system is that you have to play several games to win a considerable amount of money. The reason for this is, for every successful game; you will only win a single chip or the original amount, making it tempting to keep playing and betting to hopefully build any winnings, which also increases the odds of losing.

What are the flaws of the Martingale betting strategy?

This strategy is extremely risky, and it is the reason why expert players usually shun it . The main reason why it is avoided by the pros is that a player will need to have deep pockets. The risk of running out of cash really fast is something to be aware of. If a player keeps losing and doubling up there is also a risk of hitting the table maximum especially after several losses in a row. Once the table limit is reached, the opportunity to double the previous bet is lost along with the chance to cover any losses.

The reality about this strategy is that it is not possible to overcome the house edge in roulette. Every single bet and spin made will always be in the house favour and although losing an entire bankroll is a rare occurrence, if you are unlucky it only takes a few loses to lose big.

Is this strategy allowed in roulette?

If you are a novice roulette player and wondering if this system is allowed in a real casino setting, then the answer is yes; the Martingale strategy is allowed for both offline and online casinos, such as Royal House Casino.

You might think that by doubling your bets, you might end up winning everything on the table. Unfortunately, the table limits protect the casinos from any high losses. Once you reach the table limit you will not be allowed to double your previous bet. In other words, if you have not won and reach the table limit, you will lose all your money. Therefore, it is best to use this strategy on the condition that you are aware of the risks involved. In the short term you may achieve multiple small wins but in the long term, due to the house edge and table limits the losses will outweigh the wins so it is essential to know when to quit.

In conclusion

As long as you are aware of the table limits and are prepared to lose everything this can be an effective strategy for roulette players who are new to the game or are not worried about potentially losing large amounts of money. The reward being that there is an opportunity to win frequently which can soon add up.


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